//After the Prophet storm it's Durga in booze ad

After the Prophet storm it's Durga in booze ad

London: After the Prophet, it is the turn of Hindu Goddess Durga to be turned into a caricature of sorts.
A disco bar in Athens, Greece has earned the wrath of the Hindu Community in Europe by displaying posters of the Goddess promoting a whiskey brand.

Large posters inside and outside the Balon Oriental Disco Bar in Athens depict the Goddess carrying bottles of Southern Comfort Whiskey in her hands.

The Hindu community in Europe, who revere the Goddess, are up in arms and the disco bar in Greece – Balon Oriental Disco Bar – has invited the fury of the entire community. Ironically, Goddess Durga is the reflection and manifestation of supreme beauty and deadly power. Her name is synonymous with the victory of good over evil.

The General Secretary of the National Council of Hindu Temples (NCHT) UK, Bimal Krishna Das says, "It is time for Hindus around the world and the Indian government to stand up and be counted. We represent 90 per cent of United Kingdom’s 140 Hindu temples and by extension at least 75 per cent of Britain’s six lakh Hindus." The Indian community in Athens has been trying for the last three months to have the posters removed but in vain.

Letters have been sent to the American manufacturer of Southern Comfort Whiskey in Tennessee, America, to withdraw the poster but they are all being soundly ignored. Das says that the community wants to round up all the existing posters and burn them. The NCHT, which claims support from the umbrella Hindu American Foundation, has warned that it will launch large-scale protests if Southern Comfort does not respond to its appeal to withdraw the ads. And this is not all that has the community upset. They are also offended that a Greek company has been using Lord Ram’s image on a tissue paper box. "Despite protests, the tissues bearing Lord Ram’s image have been in circulation for over a year because their German manufacturer has refused to cease production," said Das. NCHT is outraged that the picture of a greatest Indian God is being featured on a use-and-throw product — something on which people blow their noses.