//Air tickets to cost more as fuel surcharge soars

Air tickets to cost more as fuel surcharge soars

Dubai: 14 Feb.:  Airlines, led by Dubai-headquartered Emirates, are considering a 12.5 per cent increase in fuel surcharge on outbound travel from Dubai, effective from tomorrow, at a time when oil prices in international markets are declining.

"With the increase in fuel prices, Emirates has adjusted its fuel surcharges on tickets issued in the UAE, increasing it by Dh20 on one-way and Dh40 on return trips, effective February 15, 2006," the company said in a statement.

Total fuel surcharges will be Dh160 to Dh180 on a one-way ticket and Dh320 to Dh360 on return trips, making air travel costlier in what is historically known as a low season in the region’s airline industry.

A decision to this effect might be endorsed at the next meeting of the Board of Airline Representatives (BAR) the Dubai-based airline group citing the high price of jet fuel, airline sources said.

Gulf News also learned that the fuel surcharge on certain sectors might go up from Dh220 to Dh240 for a single coupon and from Dh440 to Dh480 for a return ticket, depending on the airline and route, as the figures vary.

"Decision on increase in fuel surcharge lies with national carriers. Emirates is increasing fuel surcharge, which will encourage other airlines to follow suit and we, as one of the largest carriers to operate flights to Dubai are no exception," said a senior official of an Asian carrier.

Air freight charges increase

Airlines are also increasing fuel surcharge by 12 to 13 per cent on freight services from February 16, following an increase in the Lufthansa Fuel Price Index. Emirates SkyCargo, which leads the industry body, Cargo Airlines Sub-Committee (Casco), has decided to raise fuel surcharge from Dh0.75/kg to Dh0.85/kg for cargo transportation from the UAE to the Middle East, including Cairo and Khartoum, and Indian sub-continent. The rates have been increased from Dh1.65/kg to Dh1.85/kg for cargo transportation from the UAE to the rest of the world.