//Hindutva Hardliners target the Cupid-struck

Hindutva Hardliners target the Cupid-struck


Shiv Sena chief Mr Bal Thackeray today suggested an Indian alternative to Valentine’s Day and said it could be named after “Laila Majnu” or “Heer Ranjha” or “Bajirao-Peshwe Mas-tani”. “Anyway, you youngsters do this thing throughout the year… you don’t need a special day for it,” Mr Thackeray was quoted saying in Sena’s mouthpiece Saamna on the eve of the Valentine’s Day.

In other parts of the country also, hardline Hindu groups threatened to beat up young couples who exchange Valentine’s Day cards or gifts today.

“We earnestly request young lovers not to exchange flowers and cards on Valentine’s Day,’’ Mr Harish Dubey of the Hindu Awakening Forum said here. “Those who do not listen to us will face our volunteers’ wrath. Their faces will be blackened and they will be beaten up,’’ he said. Mr Dubey said it was corrupting youth. Muslim groups, too, have objected to the growing popularity of Valen-tine’s Day. — Agencies