//Manipur Students check hotels for immoral activities

Manipur Students check hotels for immoral activities

The Imphal Free Press, IMPHAL, Feb 13:

The Manipuri Students` Federation today conducted a mass drive at the hotels and restaurants of Paona Bazar and apprehended many people who were allegedly indulging in immoral activities.

As per statement issued by MSF assistant organisation, secretary, MSF headquarter Ksh Rishikanta, after getting reports of students frequenting hotels and restaurants and indulging in unacceptable activities MSF members went for a drive this morning.

Rishikanta further stated that at the very first hotel they went, Northern Hotel, they found a young student with a non-Manipuri. They were brought to MSF`s office along with the student`s mother and the hotel manager. MSF decided to put an indefinite restriction on the hotel and warned the manager to not use the premise for running a hotel in future.

After further drive, many women and their customers were brought to MSF`s office. Rishikanta made an appeal to all hotel and restaurants owners not to allow such activities and to the students and families to refrain from indulging in immoral activities.

MSF further warned that in future those indulging in such activities will not be forgiven or given a chance.