//Railway recruitments mired in controversy

Railway recruitments mired in controversy

Railway recruitments mired in controversy - News IndiaTuesday, February 14, 2006 (New Delhi):

Recruitment for the railways has been especially controversial this year.
Thousands of candidates claim that they are not being allowed to give the exam for Grade 4 jobs. This, according to them, is the railways’ tactic for giving these jobs to people who are willing to pay for them. Thousands of candidates failed to receive their admission cards for the entrance exams. Many left empty-handed and had to skip the entrance exam held on Sunday. Incomplete forms?

Railway officials say candidates who were not given admission cards submitted incomplete forms. Applicants insist that the exams are a farce. "I was not given the admission card. Do you mean to say I do not know how to fill a form? I am a graduate and I myself give coaching classes," said a candidate. Railway officials claim they will double-check all applications for candidates who missed the first round of exams. If their applications are in order, they can participate in the next set of exams later this month. The railways have their work cut out to explain what exactly happened. Whether it was mismanagement or is the exam really a farce remains to be seen.