//Saffron Attack On Govt

Saffron Attack On Govt

[ Tuesday, February 14, 2006 12:28:39 amTIMES NEWS NETWORK]

NEW DELHI: The Sangh Parivar on Monday joined forces with the BJP to condemn the government for seeking information about Muslims in the armed forces. Both RSS and VHP described the government’s move as "communal" and a "threat to India’s secular fabric," at their respective press briefings. BJP president Rajnath Singh had reacted sharply on the issue on Sunday.

While RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav said, "It is a sure way to destroy the unity of the armed forces and put the country’s security at risk.

The armed forces have no religion except the national flag. We strongly oppose the attempt to create divisions in the armed forces."’ Senior VHP leader Giriraj Kishore said, "The government which claims to be secular has ordered a survey on communal lines.

"Madhav termed the move as the "height of minority appeasement" and charged the government with "pandering to minority sentiments in a most uncalled for manner."

On the Iran vote, he said while it was not in India’s interests to have "more nuclear powers in our vicinity," the government should have raised the issue of Pakistan’s involvement in Tehran’s nuclear programme.