//Woman commits "sati" in Bihar

Woman commits "sati" in Bihar

Woman commits sati in BiharWednesday, February 15, 2006 (Begusarai): A woman in a remote village in Bihar’s Begusarai district committed suicide, by setting herself on fire Savita Devi jumped on the funeral pyre of a bachelor Subash Yadav, because she was in love with the young man. The incident took place when the entire nation was preparing to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
Her children have no clue why their mother is nowhere to be seen. But they do sense that something has gone horribly wrong.It’s been two days since her death, but her husband who’s working in Kolkata, hasn’t cared to come for her cremation.
Mired in controversy – The reason lies in the controversial story that people narrate of Savita’s death. They say she died by wilfully jumping on the funeral pyre of the young man, who died allegedly because of a snake bite. "Subhash Yadav was being cremated. Later she went to his pyre and jumped into the fire," said Pano Sahni, a relative. "We caught hold of her but she went away again," said Ramvati Devi, another relative. The question why a married woman chose to commit suicide for someone unrelated is what intrigues everyone. The village is also abuzz with the story of Savita and Subhash’s romance. While both the families deny the rumour, Subhash’s father Mantoo Yadav, accepted that his son’s death had left Savita inconsolable. "Someone saw her jump into the fire and pulled her out," he said. Moral debate —Local police say that before she died, Savita declared that no one was to be blamed for her death. Shyam Paswan, a guard in the village, said that she wasn’t forced into committing suicide. She took the extreme step because she was in love with the deceased, he added. For the tradition-bound village society, the story of a married woman’s romance with someone else in her husband’s absence is enough to have set off a moral debate. And the tragedy of her suicide makes it all the more stark.