//MLA doubles as Hawala operator

MLA doubles as Hawala operator

VK Shashikumar, CNN-IBN
Updated 0021 hrs IST (+GMT 5:30), 16.02.06

Uttar Pradesh: CNN-IBN and DIG journalists had exposed how Bahujan Samajwadi Party MLA, Anil Kumar Maurya – a hotelier and Bhojpuri film-maker – accepted a token amount of Rs 10,000 for giving protection to fictitious NGO representatives for a 5 per cent commission on a proposed Rs 2.5 crore of development project in his constitutency, Rajgarh.

Now read about yet another facet of his personality.

After CNN-IBN and DIG struck the deal with Maurya, the problem of bringing bulk amounts of money to Varanasi was discussed.

DIG: "Zyaada cash lane ko bhi dar lagta hai." (We feel scared to bring in such a huge amount of money.)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Ab vahan se to aap dhai karod rupye laenge nahin." (Well you won’t bring Rs 2.5 crore from there.)

DIG: "Pehla installment 45 lakh ka hai." (The first installment is of Rs 45 lakh.)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Ab to tamam aise bank ho gaye hain. Ya hum to hawala jante hain na. Aap dhai karod dilli mein dijiye, aapko dhai karod rupya main yahan de doonga." (Well there are many banks now. But I know Hawala too. You give two-and-ahalf crore in Delhi and I will give you the same amount here.)

DIG: "Aap de denge?" (Will you?)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Aur kya? Hamara kaam hai." (Of course. That’s our work.)

Anil Kumar Maurya, BSP MLA from Rajgarh, a hotelier in Varanasi, a Bhojpuri film producer reveals that he is also a Hawala operator.

Hawala is an informal fund transfer, which is used to transfer black money and for financing terrorists.

DIG: "Yeh kya system hai." (What is this system?)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Hum aapko dilli mein chahe, Bombay mein chahen, Calcutta mein chahen. Madras mein, jahan kahen vahan. Voh hum log ka business hai. Hum apne business group mein hi rakhte hain. Hum paisa nahin lete kisi se. Jaise aap maan lijiye hire ke vyapari hain, yeh lohe ke vyapari hain. Inka dilli mein paanch lakh rupya vasuli hai." (If you want we can get you funds in Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras – wherever you want. That’s our business. We don’t take money from anyone. Like suppose we need to recover five lakh rupees from Delhi.)

DIG: "Matlab?" (Meaning?)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Ab chota chota amount leke panch lakh rupya ho gaya. Ab voh panch lakh rupya number do ka hai. Aap usko DD bana kar la nahin sakte. Aur hum baithe hain Dilli mein. Aap baithe hain dilli mein aur paisa bhejna hai do number ka Bombay mein. To hum keh denge ki Dilli mein phalana jageh par jaakar paisa jama kara dijiye." (Let’s say small amounts build up and add up to Rs five lakh. Now this money is black money and you can’t make a demand draft out of it and bring it. Suppose you and I are in Delhi and the money has to be sent to Mumbai. So we will say that you go to a certain place in Delhi and deposit that money.)

DIG: "Aap business man ko bolengee?" (You will tell the businessman?)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Aur hum keh denge ke Bombay mein falana aadmi jayega aur panch lakh rupya le lega. To aap kisi aadmi ko keh denge ki fala ko de dena. To voh aadmi jayega dus rupye ke paanch rupye ke note dega. Uska number hamare paas rahega. Uska number hamare paas rahega. Jo voh note leke jayega, hum usko panch lakh rupye Bombay mein dega. Aur within dus minute ke andar aap panch lakh rupye dilli mein jama ki jiye aur five minute baad Bombay."

This is what Anil Kumar Maurya meant.

    * Initiate transaction by giving money to Hawaladar X in Delhi.

    * Hawaladar X in turn gives an authentication code. In India its generally one half of a 10 rupee note. Each currency note has this kind of unique number printed on it.

    * Hawaladar X then informs Hawaladar Y about the amount of money and the authentication code.

    * The money can then be collected from Anil Kumar Maurya in Varanasi by submitting the authentication code-one half of the 10 rupee note which was given by Hawaladar X in Delhi.

Anil Kumar Maurya admits that he is a Hawaladar, boasting that the government has been unable to do anything about it.

DIG: "Yeh private hai. Hawala hai na?" (Is this private? This is Hawala?)

Anil Kumar Maurya: Hanh hawala hai. Aur government aaj tak pakad nahin paayi hum log ko. Arbo rupyon ka kaam kiya lekin pakad nahin paayi hum log ko. (Yes this is Hawala. And the government has never been able to catch us at it. We have dealt in crores and crores of rupees but no one has been able to catch us at it.)

DIG: "Arbon rupye ek saal ke?" (Crores in one year?)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Aur kya." (Of course.)

DIG: "Lekin bank ki to zaroorat hi nahin?" (Then you don’t need a bank?)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Na." (No)

DIG: "Lekin yeh pehla paisa to bank se aayega." (But this money will first come from the bank.)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Main ek baat bata raha hoon. Ke aisa hum karte hai. Jaise business mein kya hai. Aap hire ke vyaapari hain aapko Bombay se saaman khareedna hai, inko dilli se khareedna hai. Lekin aap Dilli mein ho aur aap Bombay mein hai." (Let me tell you one thing, this is what we do. Like it’s a business. If you are a diamond dealer and you need stuff from Bombay and someone else wants some stuff from Delhi. But you are in Delhi and the other person is in Bombay, then we can help.)

DIG: "To phir aisa karte hain sir. Dhai karod ka hai hamara. Aap bata di jiye ke aapke kis aadmi ko hum dilli mein de den. Aur hum aapse yahan pe aap se le lenge." (Then let’s do one thing sir, we have a 2.5 crore project. You tell us who is you pointsman in Delhi and we will take the money from you from here.)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Theek. Voh aisa hota hai naa, ke abhi hum aapse bad mein baat karenge. Vaise hum log ka business hota hai. Hum jis vyapari ka kahenge, aap uske yahan jama kariye. Dilli mein. Uske paas jama ho gaye na. Voh mere paas paise aa gaye. Jaise aapka yahan se vahan aagaye. Yahan koi janta nahin. Voh vyapari humko phone kar dega. Ki hum yahan… Dipak ji jayenge. Yeh dus rupye ki note denge aapko fala number ki. Humse aapko koi parichay nahin. Aap dus rupye ke note laye fala number ki. Main aapse puchinga bhi nahin. Main note rakhunga aur aapko panch lakh rupye de dunga."

(Okay. Now the thing is that I will talk to you later. Whosoever’s name I tell you, you deposit the money with him in Delhi. When the money is with him, it will come to me. He will call me up. Someone else will go. We will pretend not to know each other. If you have a ten rupee note with the right serial number, then I will not question you and just give you the money.)

DIG: "Matlab aap kar rahe hai is kaam ko?" (You mean you are going ahead with this)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Aur kya? Daily hota hai naa." (Of course. This happens daily.)

DIG: "Kahin aisa na ho ki aap na kare is kaam ko aur hamara kaam doob jaye. Kisi aur ko nahin bataiyega sir yeh." (I hope it doesn’t happen that you don’t do this work and our work gets hampered. I hope you won’t tell anyone sir.)
Anil Kumar Maurya: "Nahin nahin. Ye bahut confidential hota hai. Is ke baad vyaapari aapas mein phone karte hain. Phone to karte hi hai, us ke baad message. Kewal itna Rs 10 rupya likh diye. Phone number likh diye. Dhai peti likh di jiye, ya dhai karat likh dijiye." (No no. This is a very confidential procedure. The traders will be in touch with each other over the phone and via messages. Just write Rs 10 and your phone number and write two-and-a-half lakh or two-and-a-half k

DIG: "Karat matlab?" (What is Karat?)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Matlab hamara code word hai. Dhai ka matlab dhai lakh rupye. Dhai hazar likh diye to uska matlab dhai lakh rupye. Dhai sau likh diye to pachchees hazar ho gaye." (That’s our code word. Dhai means two-and-a-half lakh and Dhai sau means Rs 25,000)

And despite his status as a first time MLA, Maurya throws all caution to winds by claiming that even Mulayam Singh Yadav, UP Minister, cannot harm him.

Anil Kumar Maurya: I" am the only MLA whom Mulayam Singh Yadav could not touch. I had a confrontation with Mulayam Singh and I told him do whatever you want to do."

Maurya, a BSP MLA, a party insider, goes on to admit something about which there have been whispers for some years now – that MLA election tickets are sold depending on how winnable the seat.

Meanwhile, the money that Anil Kumar Maurya accepted from the fictitious NGO is nonchalantly perched on the sofa next to him.

DIG: "People want the BSP ticket …."

Anil Kumar Maurya: "If the person wanting the ticket is not a sitting MLA, then he will get the BSP ticket. If it’s a sure seat then the cost is Rs 50 lakh but it can go down to Rs five lakh."

This was one of the many faces of political corruption that you will see in this

(With Jamshed Khan and Mayabhushan Nagvenkar of DIG)