//MLA, poacher, filmmaker…

MLA, poacher, filmmaker…

CNN-IBN, Updated 0007 hrs IST (+GMT 5:30), 16.02.06

Uttar Pradesh: After a BJP MLA from Kerakat pocketed a token amount of Rs 5,000 as protection money from a fictitious NGO, the CNN-IBN Special Investigation Team and journalists from DIG met up with a BSP MLA from Rajgarh.

The MLA has wide and varied interests that have nothing to do with his line of duty.

He is a game hunter of endangered species, a movie producer, a hotelier and a hawala player all rolled into one.

If you want to start a hawala, need an out of turn land allotment, want to legitimise a racket – everything can be done if you are in the right place.

The ‘right place’ ironically is the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha. One just needs to get in touch with the friendly neighbourhood MLA and pay him his price.

One such MLA is Anil Kumar Maurya of the Bahujan Samaj Party.

His constituency is Rajgarh, around 40 km away from Varanasi. He is a first time MLA.

Maurya’s political office is located right next to Surabhi International – a hotel owned by him. His cronies and those wanting special favours sit just outside his office.

When CNN-IBN SIT first met Maurya, he boasted about the guns in his possession.

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Voh repeater gun hai. Bahut chhota hota hai na, jaise bandook hota hai." (It’s a repeater gun. It’s really small in size just like a pistol.)

DIG: "Sir kitne goli hoti hai is mein." (How many rounds does this have?)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Is mein ek saath paanch goli chal jaati hai. Generally bandook mein ek goli chal jaati hai. Lekin is mein jo hai paanch goli." (This can shoot five rounds at a time. Normally a pistol can shoot just one.)

DIG: "To phir yeh bahut bhari goli hogi?" (Then it must be very heavy bullet.)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Hanh bhari. Udhar rakhi hogi." (Yes it is. It’s lying right over here.)

Maurya’s brother gets up to fetch the bullet.

DIG: Aapne to bahut chaliyi hogi. (You must have used it quite a few times.)

Maurya just smiles at this.

DIG: Kitne mare diye honge? (How many have you killed?)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Aise hi Sambhar, Cheetal." (A few – Sambhar, Cheetal)

DIG: Hunting bahut hoti hai. Maar lete hain aap? (You must be hunting quite a bit. Are you a good shot?)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Pata chal jaayega to gadbad ho jaayegi." (If someone finds out then there willl be trouble.)

After nonchalantly declaring himself as a hunter of wildlife which is a serious offence under law, Maurya goes on to reveal his penchant for guns that can kill human beings

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Isi se to haathi marte hain." (This is the gun that can kill elephants.)

DIG: "Haathi? Haathi mar jaate hai isme?" (This gun can kill elephants?)

Anil Kumar Maurya: (smiles) "Matlab size ek hi hai, uski bullet alag aati hai." (Well the size of the gun is the same but there are different bullets to kill elephants.)

DIG: "Kabhi hume bhi shikar karaiye, apne kshetra mein. "(Sir please take me hunting with you some day.)

Then the DIG journalist comes back to the topic of the bullets.

DIG: "Sir haathi itne chote se bandook se? Are itne si choti si goli se aadmi mar jata hai. Vohi ek goli lagti hai. Vohi haathi ki haddi to itni moti hoti hai." (Sir how can an elephant die with such a small gun. A small bullet can kill a man but elephants have huge bones.)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Yeh to choti si gun hai, is mein ek hi goli hoti hai naa, jisse aadmi mar jata hai? Yahi hoti hai naa, aadmi maarne ke liye kaafi hai." (See this gun is small, it holds just one bullet, but it is enough to kill a man.)

Maurya then asks his brother to take out his gun. His brother picks out a gun stashed in his pants.

DIG: "Kya baat hai sir." (That’s cool sir.)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Poore parivar mein bhai bhatije sab ke paas hai hamare." (Everyone in my family – my brother, nephews – they all have guns.)

DIG: "Yeh to poora protection hai hamare liye. Koi chinta nahin hame." (Then we have no need to worry. There is enough protection for us.)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Aaj ka Banaras ka mahoul yeh hai, ki koi din nahin jahan hatyayen nahin hoti." (Well the environment in Varanasi is such that there is no one day when murders don’t happen.)

And this is not all that Maurya has a penchant for. He is also a producer of raunchy Bhojpuri films and a man who is always ready to strike a business deal.

He was more than keen to meet the team when they approached him with the same story as they had given the BJP MLA – that they were representatives of an NGO, which had been sanctioned Rs 2.5 crore rupees by an international funding agency.

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Dekhiye bina paise ke aadmi zinda kaise rahega. Survive kaise karega. Seedhi baat hai. Aap hamari madad karenge, hum aapki madad karenge. It’s a give and take business. Yeh to hai nahin ke aap hum se paisa hi paisa le lo aur hume kuch nahin de rahe ho." (See how can a man stay alive without money. How would he survive. It’s a straight thing. You help us and we will help you. It’s a give and take business. It’s not like we are taking money from you and giving you nothing in return.)

DIG: "Aap hume protection de rahe ho is liye uske evaj mein aap jo paisa mangenge, jo aap ka requirement hai, voh aap bata dijiye sir. Aur plus association." (You are giving us protection and for that we will give you money as per your requirement. You tell us what you want.)

DIG: "Sir dekhiye, dhai karod ka project hai. Aur is pe paanch percent commission aap ko diya jaay. Protection money?" (Sir it’s a project worth Rs 2.5 crore. And we are ready to give you five per cent as protection money.)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Chaliye. Ho jayega aap chinta na Karen. Aap humse jaroor umeed rakehn, ki main kisi kaam mein, kisi tarh ke protection mein if-but nahin karunga." (Okay. It will be done. Don’t worry. You can be rest assured that I will not do ifs and buts for any work or protection.)

Maurya agrees to offer protection to the fictitious NGO represented by the DIG journalists for a price.

DIG: "Paanch per cent theek hai sir?" (So is five pre cent acceptable sir?)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Agar aap uchit samajhte ho to theek hai." (If that’s what you want to give me then it’s okay.)

DIG: "Mere hisab se uchit hai. Aap ke hisab se uchit hai ya nahin." (I think it is okay. But is it acceptable to you?)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Theek hai." (It is fine.)

Maurya now reveals that he is also expecting the construction contracts to come his way.

DIG: "Is mein aapko aur kya benefot ho sakta hai – jaise construction mein contract. Jaise teen char school jo banne hai." (What more benefit can you get out of this – like in the construction contract and in the few schools that have been made?)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Wohi keh rahe hain na. Construction to aap karenge. To aisa to hai nahin ki dilli ke log karenge. Karega to local aadmi." (Well see now, that’s what I am saying. You will do the construction. It’s not as if people from Delhi are going to come and construct. It’s the local workers here who are going to do the labour.)

DIG: "Bilkul. Nahin karenge." (Yes absolutely.)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Kyonki agar aap dilli se laa ke banainge, to bahut zyaada paise lagenge. Hum bees rupyon ka labour lagaenge. Hum is taraf se bhi faayda karvaenge na." (It will cost you a lot of money if you get la
bour from Delhi. We will get you workers for Rs 20 per day. It will be advantageous for you from this end.)

DIG: "Usme local logonko rozgaar bhi milega aur paisa bhi bachega." (Yes. Local workers will get daily wages and we will save money.)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Paisa bhi bachega. Hum hai na. Koi dikkta nahin." (I am there. There will be no difficulty.)

DIG: "Aap civil construction bhi karte ho na." (You get civil constructions done too?)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Hanh civil construction. Tamam bade bade." (Yes. All the big ones are done by us?)

DIG: "Yeh to hai nahin ki aisa pehli baar hum log kar rahe hai. Bilkul hum vahan bhi clear baat ho gayi thi. Business hai. Hum bhi kama rahe hain. Aap bhi kama rahe hain." (It’s not like we are doing this for the first time. It’s business. You are also earning and we are also earning.)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Ji ji bilkul." (Yes, yes. That’s right.)

DIG: "Isi liye main bol raha tha. Hamara business dhai karod ka hai. Panch per cent aapka protection money." (So that’s why I was saying that since our business for Rs 2.5 crore, we will give you five per cent as protection money.)

DIG: "Sir next time hum aayenge Diwali ke baad, first installment aap ko de denge." (Sir next time we will come after Diwali and give you the first installment.)

Anil Kumar Maurya: "Chaliye theek hai." (Okay fine.)

Soon after BSP MLA Anil Kumar Maurya accepts a token amount of 10,000 rupees.

DIG: "Suniye sir. Hume bhi bura lag raha hai sir. Chota sa hai." (Sir we are feeling very bad because it’s a very small amount.)

Anil Kumar Maurya: ‘Kahe ka." (Don’t feel bad.)

So this is Bahujan Samajwadi Party MLA, Anil Kumar Maurya and this is just the tip of the iceberg of political corruption in Uttar Pradesh.