//Muslim women's personal law board backs Muslims' headcount

Muslim women's personal law board backs Muslims' headcount

Lucknow, Feb 15: The All India Muslim Women’s Personal Law Board today lent its support to the move to ascertain the number of Muslims in the armed forces and denounced the parties which were opposed to it.
Board’s general secretary Parveen Abdi, in a statement issued here, lashed out at the political parties for allegedly communalising the "routine issue" of asking for representation figures of Muslims in the country’s Armed Forces by the high- powered Committee for Empowerment of Muslims headed by Justice Rajinder Sachhar.

Abdi, who was also part of some of the deliberations of the committee, said the reference of the Sachhar committee was designed to collect the data and study the Muslims’ economic, educational and social status and their representation in various occupational areas.

"Being secular does not mean that the apparatus of the state should be blind to the conditions of religious groups and insensitive to their needs and aspirations,” she said.

Abdi expressed serious concern over what she claimed a decline in representation of Muslims not only in the armed forces but in other services as well and said this should be treated as a "genuine concern of every patriotic citizen".