//Tantrik victim dies of 75 per cent burns

Tantrik victim dies of 75 per cent burns

Victim’s mother says Jyotsna was offered as human sacrifice
Jyotsna Tandel, the 22 year old girl who was pushed into a havan to cure her weakness, died of 75 per cent burns late on Tuesday night in KEM hospital.

Anita Meher and Arun China Kalai, the two tantriks who instructed the ceremony and allegedly pushed Tandel, are now suspected of offering human sacrifice. According to a statement made by Jyotsna’s mother, Sugandha Tandel, Vijay Mangela, an uncle of Anita Meher, was married a few years ago, but was childless. Taking advantage of the chicken pox endemic in Tembipada area, near Arnala, Meher and Kalai conspired to offer Jyotsna as human sacrifice, so that Vijay could become a father, said Virar police chief Sanjiv Kokil. Suganda also alleged that Anita had taken off the gold ornaments Jyotsna was wearing at the time of the havan, to keep them before the deity. Though some of the ornaments have been recovered, the police are still searching for others. Around 15 people have been arrested in connection to the case, and with the death of Jyotsna, the charges against them have been shifted to Section 302 (murder), said Kokil. The accused are lodged at Thane’s Central Jail. Jyotsna was to marry her fiancé, Dinesh Pangdar, this May