//UN to US: Close Gtmo, Free Prisoners

UN to US: Close Gtmo, Free Prisoners

UN to US: Close Gtmo, Free Prisoners

Geneva, Feb 16 (Prensa Latina) The demanded closing of the US base in the Cuban occupied territory of Guantanamo is the core of a UN report published Thursday in Geneva.

The document is based on an investigation by five experts of the UN Human Rights Commission, whose content was leaked to press over the last few days.

Based on testimonies by some of the freed prisoners, the text denounces the tortures by US guards against the over 500 prisoners on the base, while demanding that they are either tried or released.

The UN experts, specialized in international and human law, also used public documents, press stories, a questionnaire, and interviews with the prisoners´ lawyers to elaborate the report.

In the text, the UN speakers urge the US government to close the military base and end the tortures without delay, assuring the conditions in the facility are a flagrant violation of human rights.