//Victimised husbands an ugly reality

Victimised husbands an ugly reality

Cuttack: Wife beating may be an ugly reality across the country. But what happens to men who are subjected to harassment by their wives?

Thrity-two-year-old Ranjan Mahapatra, an executive in a private company, now curses the day he got married to Ajanta five years ago.

Ranjan claims Ajanta mentally tortured him as she wanted him to cut off all ties with his ailing, old parents.

When Ranjan didn’t agree to her demands, he claims Ajanta filed a false dowry case against his parents in Cuttack and had them arrested. He says that he has been beaten up thrice by goons sent by his in-laws – where his wife is now staying with their daughter.

"My old father was arrested without any proof, I have been mentally tortured and physically beaten," says he.

The chairperson of state woman commission says cases of husbands being tortured and harassed are on the rise, especially in urban areas of the state.
Victimised husbands an ugly reality

Over the last five years 519 cases of torture against husbands have been registered.

Lawyer and Lok Sabha MP, Brahmananda Panda, says, "It’s high time that there should be forums where these victimized husbands can seek justice and law should also be made to deal specifically such situation."

The laws designed to protect women against harassment by their husbands are being turned around and used by women to harrass their husbands in some cases.