//CBA 2006-INDIA: Local Media Needs More Local Content

CBA 2006-INDIA: Local Media Needs More Local Content

Friday: February 17, 2006
Delegates at the 26th Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA) in New Delhi India have been told not to allow their audiences be influenced by “overseas” media.

The challenge came from the General Manager of Television Jamaica Kay Osborne who feels that the uniqueness of each Commonwealth country should compel local broadcasters to have more local content in their daily programmes.

“Given the large number of available international channels in each of our markets, one strategic choice for national, terrestrial broadcasters is to aggressively create innovative, culture rich content with sea legs to travel beyond one’s shores,” she said.

“This kind of content differentiates our material from the rest and delivers copyright control over what we create,” she said.

She said the concept is very important to Television Jamaica, because it is the only meaningful way to access large markets outside Jamaica.

“My own country, Jamaica has given the world reggae music that’s created out of our heritage, culture and creativity. This music was substantially nurtured in its early stages by broadcast media, especially radio.”

“Today, Jamaican reggae music is a global genre and brand just when new music delivery platforms are replacing the traditional music delivery platform, the CD.”

“Moreover, compelling visual feasts have become core components of worldwide music success: No musician expects to become a global brand without compelling video content. So it seems to me that there are opportunities for new partnerships and collaborative relationships between the new platforms, Jamaica’s global music industry and local broadcast media players, such as my own station, Television Jamaica, who understand and deliver culture rich, compelling visual content.”

She said with this new business model, commercial broadcast media in Commonwealth countries, such as Jamaica, could come within striking distance of achieving an important goal.

“We would empower ourselves to journey from the margins to  main street where content is king, copyright protection is secure, and sustainable material wealth and well-being are real possibilities,” she emphasised……