//Abu Azmi rejects call to behead cartoonist

Abu Azmi rejects call to behead cartoonist

Shramana Ganguly,  February 18, 2006

Abu Asim Azmi, the Samajwadi Party MP from Mumbai, has denounced a call by his UP party colleague Mohammed Yaqoob Qureshi for the killing of the cartoonist whose sketches of the Prophet Mohammed were published in a Danish newspaper.

Qureshi had called for the beheading of the cartoonist, and announced a Rs 51 crore award for the ‘avenger’. Azmi instead demanded in Parliament that the government move the United Nations with a proposal seeking checks to prevent the media from “hurting religious sentiments”.

Speaking to Mid Day this morning, Azmi said, “No Muslim will tolerate anything defamatory about the prophet. Have Hindus not protested in the past when their deities were used by artists or to sell goods?”

“What Qureshi said on Friday was not in his capacity as a political leader. That was what he felt as an individual,” he said.