//Bant Singh's struggle for justice

Bant Singh's struggle for justice

Bant Singh, a dalit  agriculture labour leader  with AIALA  was  attacked on 5 january whereafter both his upper limbs and one of his  lower limb has been chopped off . The only remaining foot also has  gangrene and may have to be amputated.  
His only crime is the defiance he has shown in his assertion  to  ensure punishment to the rapists of his minor daughter and the  consistent struggle for the rights of the dalits and the agriculture  
Please see the following blog and  sign on the online petition,which  will be submitted  on the 3rd of March 2006 . Also send me a copy or  post it to the blog address for compiliation of the  voices of  protest. the link is here  
The online petition on Bant Singh is here- please  read, sign and forward it  
In solidarity  
Radhika Menon  

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