//Faizal's death in Dubai – Two Arrested

Faizal's death in Dubai – Two Arrested

Mangalore, Feb 6: Faizal (27), a resident of Jokatte near here who had gone missing from his working place (hotel) in Dubai has been murdered, said his family sources here.  Though his body has not yet been found, the police have arrested two persons in this regard who are said to have confessed to their crime.

Faizal was working as cashier in Al Esteqal Hotel in Al Raas, Deira.  Faizal is the son of one Umarabba, owner of Hotel Airlines in the city.  He had gone missing from his hotel on January 2 night.  Faizal was last seen by Mohammed Ziyad, his cousin and a close friend, who was with him till 3.15am on the same day. The morning receptionist Khalid however, claimed that he had not seen Faisal when he took up the desk at eight in the morning.

It was also reported Dh 70,000 also disappeared from the hotel safe on the same day.  So it was not known as what had happened with Faizal.  The police had spotted bloodstains on the sofa cushion and Faisal’s passport in the hotel.

So police had enquired a room boy who was on duty on the day Faisal had gone missing.  But the room boy had said that Faizal might have gone absconding with the money.  However, when police persisted with their investigation and tried to cull out something on the blood stained sofa, the room boy disclosed that he along with an Iranian resident, who was residing in the hotel at that time, had murdered Faizal and stolen the money from him.

After the murder, they had packed his body in a gunny bag and thrown it in a dustbin.  Eleven days already passed when the police had taken up the investigation.   But the body could not be found in the same dustbin.  It is presumed that it has either been burnt along with other garbage or thrown into the sea.

The arrested room boy too was Indian and hailed from West Bengal.  While he was arrested from the same hotel, the second accused, an Iranian was arrested in Muscat.