//Shilpa won't attend Tamil Nadu court

Shilpa won't attend Tamil Nadu court

Vickey Lalwani,   February 18, 2006

Shilpa Shetty is flabbergasted and furious because of the summons issued against her in connection with the publication of some photographs in Tamil eveninger, Tamil Murasu.

Acting on the complaint of advocate T Dakshinamoorthy, Judicial Magistrate Seetaraman has directed Shetty, Reema Sen (another actress whose pictures Dakshinamoorthy found obscene) and Tamil Murasu’s publisher to appear before the court on March 10.

Film stills

Will Shetty go to Tamil Nadu on March 10? “Are you crazy?” she almost screamed when we called her. “I have appointed a lawyer to look into the matter.”

The actress argues that the whole controversy is a publicity gimmick by someone. “Importantly, I have not posed for those pictures. The magazine in question has taken those pictures from the continuity stills of a Kannada film which I acted in.”

Shetty said she failed to see any vulgarity in the pictures. “Only my stomach is being seen. If that is obscene, I think I’ll have to quit the film industry. The manner in which a noise is being made about this makes it sound like it is a matter of national concern. I wonder how the court accepted the petition in the first place. It’s simply ridiculous,” she fumed.