//Buffalo runs amuck: Ravana cries during protest

Buffalo runs amuck: Ravana cries during protest

 Mysore, Feb. 19 (DN&BLU)- It was a unique protest and the legendary Ravana landed in the city to accompany the NSUI activists, who protested against the new Government and the invitation to Ravana to come donning 10 heads was to impress upon the public that it is not Rama Rajya by the JD(S)-BJP coalition but Ravana Rajya of Ministers with criminal backgrounds.

When Ravana rode a buffalo in the streets near Agrahara Circle, the NSUI activists shouted slogans against the new Government alleging that three Ministers D.T. Jayakumar, K.S. Eshwarappa and Sri Ramulu be dropped from the Ministry as they have criminal cases pending against them.

The protesters’ idea was to show that the Government will move as slow and lethargically as the buffalo and the buffalo seemed to have studied the protestors’ mind when it shook its huge body resulting in the fall of Ravana.

An activist took the protest idea a bit far when he pierced the buffalo’s thick skin with a pin prompting the animal to grunt and shrug off Ravana, who started crying much to the amusement of the onlookers.

"This is how the Ravana Rajya will meet its end," the protesters were shouting, taking a dig at the Government and the scene of Ravana chasing the buffalo to climb on to it again was a pure entertainment for the onlookers

While the activists were falling over each other to be photographed with Ravana riding the buffalo, the bovine animal had the last laugh pushing them aside and shrugging off Ravana time and again entertaining the public.

NSUI President P.N. Chetan led the protest. Activists M. Chandrashekhar, Ravichandran, M. Harish, Nagendra Prasad, Soma, Mohan, Pradeep and others were present.

When the protest ended, it was time for Ravana, who was hired on a fee of Rs. 300, to go ‘home’ and for the buffalo to its shed, but not before bringing home the point what the NSUI activists meant.