//Family rejects mental illness theory in sailor's death

Family rejects mental illness theory in sailor's death

DUBAI — The family of Sudheer Nonia Jagannathan, a sailor allegedly beaten to death by his colleagues on board a Norwegian oil tanker in the international waters off the coast of Fujairah, ruled out the propagation that Sudheer was suffering from mental illness.


Sunil, the brother of the deceased told Khaleej Times over telephone from Mumbai that it is painful for the family to hear this kind of propagation after his death. He alleged that the people killed his bother are spreading the news.’ We do not have any information about what happened to him. We do not know when we will get his body. Nobody is giving us any information, ‘he said.

‘If he have any kind of mental disorder how he can get a job in the ship?  He never had any mental problems before and it is clear that somebody is manipulating,’ he alleged.

He disclosed that the agent who recruited Sudheer to the ship informed him that he is ill. ‘ When I went to  their office they again told me that he is in coma. Later they told us he is died. Now we do not know when we get his body,’ he said

He added that when they get the body it will be taken to U.P. where the family hailing from for the last rite.’ My mother had a shock when she heard the news of his death. All these days we are going through fire. We lost him but we have the right to know what happened to him,’ he said

‘ Whenever we contacted the officials were telling us that the case is under investigation by Fujairah police. Nothing is clear for us yet,’ he said.

Meanwhile a source from Indian consulate in Dubai said to khaleej Times that the consulate is not aware about when the body will be repatriated.’ The company which is doing the arrangements did not contacted the consulate yet for the repatriation. The consulate is ready to give any help,’ said the source.