//Ramdev prescribes yoga

Ramdev prescribes yoga

Statesman News Service
RANCHI, Feb. 18. —– “Terrorism and extremist mind-set can be cured by effective practice of yoga. I am aware of the fact that several terrorists come to the camps I organise across the country from time to time, in disguise and benefitted by my yoga lessons, they have returned to normal life.”

These were the initial comments of yoga guru Baba Ramdev who landed in Ranchi this evening along with Jharkhand chief minister Mr Arjun Munda, who escorted him personally and has accepted him as a state guest. Baba Ramdev was interacting with media persons on his maiden visit to the state. He is scheduled to hold a week long camp in Ranchi from tomorrow. The Baba however, chose to remain silent on the controversy surounding him and his Patanjali Yogpith and the comments of CPI-M politburo member Mrs Brinda Karat.

 “A person who is a yogi and has truly learnt the art of yoga by heart, cannot just become a terrorist or an extremist. Anti-national feelings can be deleted from an individual’s life by regularly practicing yoga”, Baba Ramdev said. The Baba also had a note of advice for politicans. Reacting to a question on whether yoga can be effectively used in checking the rate of corruption in the political system, Baba Ramdev said: “I feel that before the daily session of Parliament in both Houses and during the session of state Assembly Houses, politicians should practice yoga for at least an hour. If that is introduced as a mandatory practice, I believe that the level of corruption would definitely scale down and the political process in country would be more transparent and less corrupt.”

He also opined that all political as well as social forces in the country should unite in moving the country ahead.
Reacting sharply against multinational companies manufacturing soft drinks and fast food, Baba Ramdev termed junk food as poison and claimed that his campaign against junk food has virtually reduced the sale of soft drinks by 60 to 70 per cent. “I will never stop campaigning against these foreign agents selling poision to the people of our country,” Baba Ramdev said.