//US Tries to Limit UN Human Rights

US Tries to Limit UN Human Rights

United Nations, Feb 20 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Mission to the UN warned, on the eve of the submission of the project to set up the Human Rights Council, that it will not be accomplice nor silent spectator to the "evident attempt to impose a Human Rights Council conditioned by the US and its allies."

In a news release the Mission exposed the pressure to set up an organization serving imperialist interests, as contained in the "Project for a New American Century," (www.newamericancentury.org/RebuildingAmericasDefenses.pdf ) Washington"s plan to rule the world. The US and European Union have tried to impose exclusion in choice of membership on the Council that replaces the Human Right Commission, while it was this very selectivity and hypocrisy that caused the crisis in the Commission.

"Cuba cannot allow the Council to persist in acting as inquisitor against the peoples of the South, especially when they try to manipulate liberty and democracy in order to unleash "preventive wars." Havana denounces that the George W. Bush Administration is pushing for a Human Rights Council in his own image to continue violating, manipulating and perpetrating arbitrary acts.

The release continued that this is the same White House that defends torture and denies the most elemental rights to human beings (referring to the five HRC investigators that last week condemned Washington´s attempt to legalize torture, set itself up as global judge and jury, and violate international human rights instruments). "Cuba will defend truth and reason with all its power and work to restore the rights of the people with a Human Rights Council meeting their interests and expectations for a better future," it concluded