//CentAm: US Ignores Immigrant Rights

CentAm: US Ignores Immigrant Rights

Guatemala City, Feb 21 (Prensa Latina) Central American Parliament (PARLACEN) members stated Tuesday that the US immigration policy downplayed the rights of undocumented people.

According to Alvaro Dubon, president of PARLACEN International Relations Department, US senators said border security, including the construction of a wall, will never be up for discussion.

Officials of a PARLACEN commission visited various US cities to seek a just immigration policy for millions of Central American citizens who live in that North American nation.

The commission is expected to present a resolution supporting undocumented people and further submit it to the US Congress.

Salvadorian Deputy Jose Luis Medrano said the resolution documents the PARLACEN stance on the immigration policy that the US Senate will start examining March 2.

Washington plans to build an over 620-mile Berlin-style wall along the border with Mexico and prosecute undocumented people.

Many countries and organizations such as PARLACEN have condemned those US measures.

Alvaro Dubon assured that a vast repatriation from the US to Central America would economically and socially devastate regional countries.

PARLACEN is a political institution devoted to the integration of Central American countries.