//Human Rights group to tour SAARC Nations

Human Rights group to tour SAARC Nations

Hyderabad | February 20, 2006 12:50:42 PM IST
A Human rights group under the aegis of the All India Human Rights Association’s (AIHRA), who embarked on a 200-day visit to SAARC nations and arrived here took out a peace rally today.

Later, speaking to newsmen here, President M U Dua said their journey was to spread peace, justice, social integration and equality among SAARC nations of India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan.

He said he set out on his journey on January 26 from Rajpath in New Delhi and it would conclude on August 15 this year at Red Fort.

”We are expected to cover 50,000 km in India and SAARC countries”, he added.

Mr Dua said the main purpose of the journey was also to create awareness about the human rights to common man. He also called upon individual organizations and NGOs to extend financial, logistic and moral support.

Asked about Hyderabad police, Mr Dua alleged that his team was not treated properly by the police when they entered the limits of Hyderabad.

He also charged that the police did not allow them to pass some areas of the city as there was some law and order problem.

The police also never bothered to listen to them when they explained that they were for peace,” he pointed out.

Mr Dua said he had obtained permission for the rally from the Union Home Ministry. It was not proper on the part of the police to restrain them like that.