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Manmohan Singh

NEW YORK: While Prime Minister Manmohan Singh emerges as a United States ally, his youngest daughter, 36-year-old American Civil Liberties Union staff attorney Amrit Singh is a prominent Bush critic.
‘Ms Singh’s dogged pursuit of US government information has subjected the Bush administration to withering criticism of its treatment of suspected terrorists,’ The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.
According to the daily, last month the ACLU attorney fired one of her trademark zingers at the Bush administration. Singh charged that new documents obtained from the Pentagon suggested senior US officials were to blame for the systemic abuse of prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
While the soft-spoken Indian prime minister and his daughter share common views on many issues, according to acquaintances, their public personas stand on “opposite sides of the debate” over the Bush administration’s foreign policy.
"I tease her that her father has a diversified portfolio. He gets along with President Bush, while his daughter criticizes him!" Jagdish N Bhagwati, professor of economics at Columbia University told the Journal. Bhagwati has known Manmohan since their student days at Cambridge University in the 1950s.
‘For those tracking the twists and turns of prisoners in US custody overseas Ms Singh, educated at Yale Law School, is a familiar figure,’ noted the report.
In late September, Singh was part of a team that won a US District Court decision in New York City ordering the release from the Defense Department of more photographs taken at the Abu Ghraib prison.
Ms Singh has spearheaded an ACLU effort that, to date, has obtained nearly 90,000 pages of government documents under the Freedom of
Information Act, according to lawyers who work with her. Her comments about the documents have been part of the “sharp debate over the rights of detainees and US civil liberties” following the September 11 terrorist attacks.
The Journal said Singh is among a cadre of lawyers fighting a case in the US District Court in Washington against Donald Rumsfeld on behalf of six Iraqis and four Afghans. The suit alleges the 10 were tortured and abused by US forces under the defense secretary’s command.

Amrit Singh’s rising prominence as a Bush administration critic comes at an awkward time for her father who is preparing to host Bush next month. Bush will be the fifth President to visit the country since India’s independence. Those who know Manmohan and President Bush say the two share a warm rapport.