//Sangarmaal to promote Kashmiri language

Sangarmaal to promote Kashmiri language

February 22, 2006 (Srinagar): In an effort to promote the Kashmiri language, a group of journalists and scholars have made a successful beginning with Sangarmaal, the Valley’s own Kashmiri news weekly.

There are 60 lakh Kashmiri speaking people in the state, but ironically most of them cannot read or write the language. Efforts by the Jammu and Kashmir government to popularise the language have so far failed.
"I am very much optimistic about the regular publication of the Kashmiri weekly Sangarmaal and I hope that our kind endeavour for the promotion of Kashmiri language would be fruitful," said Khursheed Qureshi, Editor, Sangarmaal. Raashid Maqbool, a student of journalism at Kashmir University, learnt the language from his mother, making it a cause strong enough for him to work at Sangarmaal. "Many people are putting their best effort to revive this language and this is my bit," said Maqbool.

Positive response —It may be a small beginning, but it has evoked a keen response from readers here.
"It is a good thing that a Kashmiri newspaper has come into the market. There are several newspapers being published in English and Urdu. If more such newspapers come out, Kashmiris will get to know their language better," said Mansur Ahmad, a reader. Dozens of daily and weekly English and Urdu newspapers are being published from Kashmir. But this is the first time that Kashmiris have a newspaper in their own mother tongue. The main objective being the promotion of the language, which has been for long neglected.