//Students 'write' letters to Hanuman

Students 'write' letters to Hanuman

Kumar Shakti Shekhar, Monday, February 20, 2006 (Bhopal):

As board exams approach, students in India resort to various forms of superstitions to score better marks.

School children in Bhopal made a beeline to the Hanuman temple and wrote letters to Lord Hanuman to get good marks in the tests.

The temple priest and guardians also encourage children to follow the tradition.

"I feel that God reads my letters and would fulfill my wishes. I will pass in the first division," says Shashank Singh, a Class 10 student.

"Writing letters strengthens belief in the Hindu religion. Children get associated to religious practices. Besides, a little praying does no harm," says Narendra Dixit, a priest.

Parents also enjoy watching their children appeal to a higher power.

"My children follow others and write letters. They have faith in God," says Banda Pathak, a guardian.