//Milli council says BJP turned Muslim count into scare

Milli council says BJP turned Muslim count into scare


Accusing the Sangh of anti-Muslim bias, the All India Milli Council (AIMC) today attacked the BJP for its opposition to the alleged count of Muslims in military and asked party chief L K Advani to have a relook at what lay in national interest.

In a letter to the former Deputy Prime Minister, AIMC General Secretary Mohammad Manzoor Alam also slammed NDA convenor George Fernandes for his opposition to the religion-based count in armed forces, a charge the Centre has rebutted.

"The morally-flexible Mr Fernandes was not upset when the far more serious coffin scam or the Tehelka expose came up," Alam said. Fernandes was Defence Minister when the two events occurred.

"The way and the speed with which a perfectly innocous query about Muslim representation in the armed forces was turned into a scare made us watch the whole thing in open-mouthed astonishment." The Council leader also accused the Sangh of putting a spin on Muslim issues.

"When Muslims asked for some redress (for attacks on them), your party jumped into the fray, shouting ‘treason’.

The Council leader, who cited the Sangh’s standpoint on the destruction of Babri mosque, accused the Parivar of using "time-tested weapons" against Muslims.

"We have to ask whether this is fair, whether, as a national leader, you think this game is good in the nation’s interests" Alam asked Advani in his letter