//Pig manure swamps German village!

Pig manure swamps German village!

A village in the German state of Bavaria is recovering after being flooded with liquid pig manure.

A tank containing the fetid fertiliser burst, sending a deluge of porcine waste into the courtyards and streets of Elsa, police said. The sewage was half a metre (1.6ft) deep in places.

"The village was swamped with green-brown liquid – the mother of all muck," police spokesman Rainer Prediger, from nearby Coburg, said.

The tank held about 52,800 gallons (240,000 litres) of fertiliser, Reuters news agency reported. "It was not very pleasant for the villagers," Volker Munk of Coburg police told the BBC News website. Officer Munk said the slurry ran down the main street, flooding the ground floors of several homes. Police estimated the accident caused about 100,000 euros ($119,000) in damage, Reuters said.