//Save Adv. M.G. Mathew from Rajasthan Police

Save Adv. M.G. Mathew from Rajasthan Police

Fear imminent arrest of advocate M G Mathew, Prembavoor, Kerala south India by Kota police under section 153-A

CHRO would like to extend our solidarity to  Mr.G.Mathew and condemns nefarious plans of Kota police from Rajasthan to arrest Advocate MG Mathew, a Christian Human rights activist ,thinker and author of over a dozen books on fabricated charges.

It is learned from reliable sources, that  the Kota police is on their way to Perumbavoor to arrest Adv. MG Mathew under section 153 A . This is on a fabricated charge regarding publication of a book called " a bunch of truths` and its Hindi version Akkikath. The section mentioned above empowers police to keep a person under custody for three months without trial. Polce in Rajasthan is notorious for clamping section 153 A to further the hidden agenda of Sangh Parivar.

We urge Kerala state Human Rights commission  and State government to intervene to save the life of Advocate MG Mathew . Rajasthan police in the past were reprimanded by various agencies for aiding and abetting heinous crimes like sati and attacks against Minorities.

This conspiracy to unleash a reign terror on intellectuals, rights activists in different parts of India was taken during the shabri Kumbha , In Awa, Dangs , Gujrat.


Confedertation of Human Rights Organizations,
Kerala, India.