//Black magic sends villagers packing

Black magic sends villagers packing

Naveen Nair, CNN-IBN, Updated 1858 hrs IST (+GMT 5:30), 21.02.06

MAROONED VILLAGE: Three generations of rural folk fled from this village fearing black magic

Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu): This might sound straight out of some fairy tale book, but it is a reality. A remote coastal village in Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu is inhabited by only one family.

Only three people reside in Karimanagram. This is because three generations of rural folk fled from this village fearing black magic.

And the people left to tell the tale of superstition, deceit and courage are 80-year-old Nagamani, 67-year-old Vaykundam and his wife.

It is said that three decades ago Raja Pillai, an upper caste villager who practiced black magic, told the villagers that there is a curse on this village and nothing will grow there.

About 100 families, who were in awe and fear of Pillai, deserted the village.

"Raja used black magic to exploit our community and slowly he destroyed the village. Gradually people fell in his trap and started leaving this place," Nagamani said.

But the story does not end here. Two brothers Nagamani and Vaykundam decided to stay back. And they have survived the last 10 years all alone in these mud-thatched huts doing farming and rearing cattle.

"Whatever happens we will not leave this place. We are determined to stay here whatever happens. Nobody can remove us from here. This is our land and we will live here till we die," Vaykundam said.

Supporting them in their lonely battle is Vaykundam’s wife who believes that coming in front of the camera will bring ill luck to the village.

For Nagamani and Vaykundam, living in this piece of barren land posses a challenge they face everyday. But they are determined to live out their lives in their place of birth.