//UAE News: Expats with special skills allowed to work beyond 70

UAE News: Expats with special skills allowed to work beyond 70

Abu Dhabi, Feb 23: Specialised professionals who are over 70 years can renew their labour permits if the labour minister gives his consent, a senior official said yesterday.

"The minister has already approved the renewal of permits for professionals over 70 years considering their specialisations, experience and long and honest service in the country," the official told Gulf News.

"Such professionals shou-ld first obtain the minister’s approval before they apply for renewing their labour permits and pay Dh5,000 in fees. The renewal will be done annually."

According to labour rules, workers aged 65 to 70 can renew their labour cards if they belong to a list of 11 professions, including engineers, doctors, university professors, accountants, lawyers and media specialists.

Employer to pay fees

The rules also state that workers who are over 60 years old can renew their labour permits until they reach the age of 65 automatically on payment of Dh5,000. But specialised professionals can continue until 70 on approval of the undersecretary or assistant undersecretary of the labour ministry.

The official said once these specialised professionals reach the age of 70, they can get their labour permits renewed only with the minister’s consent.

The fees for the renewal must be paid by the employer. "Businesses which wanted to hold on to highly experienced staff and specialists should be prepared to pay Dh5,000 a year," the source said.