//UK Charity regulator launches talks with Hindu charities

UK Charity regulator launches talks with Hindu charities

Leicester-based Muslim charities are to meet this week with the Charity Commission for England and Wales to help the watchdog develop a better understanding of the context in which Hindu charities work, to listen to views on how to develop its service, and help the charities perform as effectively as possible.

The event forms part of a wider project which will consult with various faith groups in England and Wales to help the Commission develop its knowledge and understanding of the issues they face and consider how best to regulate religious charities.

Kenneth Dibble, Director of Legal and Charity Services at the Charity Commission, wants the discussions to be as wide ranging as possible.

"With over 22,000 religious charities working in England and Wales, there’s no doubt that faith-based charities play a vital role in our society.

"That’s why the Charity Commission will visit mosques, churches and temples all over the country to listen to the experiences of religious communities.

"The aim is not only to understand the context in which religious charities operate, but also to use this information to improve the services we provide.

"There are based 28 Hindu charities generating an income of over £2 million in Leicestershire alone, so it’s clear that this community plays a vital role in the life of the county.

"Leicester is a very important area to us in terms of the vibrancy and strength of the Hindu community and we look forward to hearing the views of local people at the seminar."

The seminar will take place in the Friends Restaurant in Leicester on Wednesday 15 February, and will involve a range of invited representatives from the Hindu community.

[Publisher:  Keith Hall, Published: 13/02/2006 – 14:32:34 PM ]