//Belgian woman finds birth mother in India

Belgian woman finds birth mother in India

24 February 2006

BRUSSELS – A Belgian woman who came to India searching for her roots has found her biological mother, Theressa, and two siblings in the southern state of Kerala.

The woman, Shancy Thieren, flew to the Kerala town of Kochi to be reunited with her parents and siblings.

Shancy was abandoned at the Sisubhavan orphanage at birth and adopted in 1974 at the age of four by a Belgian woman. But she kept in touch with the Sisubhavan orphanage at Aluva hoping to make some arrangement to trace her parents.

"I was born in a middle income family consisting of parents, a brother and a sister," she said. "We resided near a river. My mother’s name is Theressa. My father was a
drunkard and we had to shift our home to a hilly area surrounded by forest."

"I had been suffering the travails of being born as an orphan," Shancy said facing the media along with her Belgian husband, Geert Barbier, mother Salma and brothers Shanavas and Shaheer.

Salma said to overcome poverty, she had to send her daughter to an orphanage at nearby Aluva. Salma had embraced Islam after getting married to a man from the Muslim community.

Talking to reporters, an estactic Shancy said she felt "as if God was showering all his blessings on me." She works as a salesgirl at Broker, a super market company, while her husband works with a transportation company.

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