//Britain to help India set up wildlife crime cell

Britain to help India set up wildlife crime cell

New Delhi: Britain has offered to help India set up a wildlife crime cell to check the growing poaching of animals and international trade in their skins that pose a threat to some wildlife species in the country.
"Work for the formation of the wildlife crime cell is in progress," said Elliot Morley, minister of state (Climate Change and Environment), told reporters Friday. "The trade (in animal skins) is growing all over the world and we are determined to stamp out the racket in all countries. Therefore, we have offered help to India to curb the trade," he said.

According to Morley, Britain will also help train personnel and finance the cell. "We have a similar wildlife crime cell in our country and will provide expertise to India as we were the first country to set up such a cell," said Morley. He pointed out that trade in wildlife has grown internationally and become one of the biggest concerns. "China has become one of the biggest markets of animal skins and parts because they use it in production of their medicines."  "We have also spoken to the Chinese authorities to act strongly against animal trade and they assured that they would take effective action," Morley said. He added that the Chinese government had recently carried out a massive operation against animal trade on the China-Tibet border and there were large seizures of animal skins and body parts.

"We had carried out a similar operation all over Britain too and made large seizures of animal skins and body parts, as well as large quantity of Chinese medicines," said Morley. Warehouses and other places were raided across Britain in the special operation codenamed ‘Operation Charm’.