//Are dalits part of (Vande) Mataram- India? asks Dalit Film Maker

Are dalits part of (Vande) Mataram- India? asks Dalit Film Maker

Are dalits part of (Vande) Mataram- India?  
Date:24.02.06  ,  Thrissur  

R.P. Amudhan

R.P. Amudhan

"The Vande mataram- A shit version" music video using the "Patriotic"  remix album on visuals of manual scavenging (Dalits removing other  people’s shit manually) is a conscious attempt to question the pseudo  patriotism of the song and a society which allows such heinous  practices on casteist lines.  Some Hindutva people protested against this video after its screening  at the VIBGYOR festival on 23.2.06, 3 pm at Thrissur Sahitya academy,  Thrissur. As they continue their ‘struggle’ for preserving national  pride by filing a complaint with thrissur local police and planning to  approach the local court against the festival, some stinking truths  are surfacing…
First and foremost is that – According to them scavenging and the  dalit workers who are doing it are base and a sanctified song like  vandemataram being used to depict them is unacceptable.  Two, that no one has any right to express opinions different from  those of Hindutva forces in any public space or for that matter any space. If somebody dares to do so their patriotism integrity and  values would be questioned. They will enter closed screenings  uninvited and obstruct the programme and will file false complaints against them in police stations. And a "pro-active" police force which  takes years to respond to problems of ordinary masses would jump into  action immediately.  

If the hindutva forces that obstructed the Film festival and want to  stop it are really interested in expressing their patriotism,   First they should denounce in public the anti dalit anti woman  and anti human Manu smriti which propagates varnashrama dharma, the  fountain head of segregating human beings into a caste hierarchy.

Stop hate campaign against the minorities and Raise their  voice against communal violence which cripples minorities and poor  people. They should protest wherever human beings, always dalits, are  removing human shit manually.  They should fight in the fray when atrocities are unleashed on  the dalits and adivasis.  

Finally, the VIBGYOR festival which gives space to discuss and analyse  various such concerns has to be appreciated. All democratic sections  should extend their support to the festival and also o the larger  struggle of various film makers and activists who are trying to raise  voices against injustices in their own way in a growing atmosphere of
cultural intolerance of fundamental elements.  
Film maker, Tamil nadu.  
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Amudhan, is a Tamil Film Maker, who has won the National Jury Award for his Tamil documentary on a manual scavenger titled, `Pee’, (Shit), in the National competition at the 9th Mumbai International Film Festival.

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