//Indian Army-UG ceasefire without state govt`s consent: CM

Indian Army-UG ceasefire without state govt`s consent: CM

Indian Army-UG ceasefire without state govt`s consent: CM

The Imphal Free Press
IMPHAL, Feb 24: The chief minister O Ibobi Singh has clarified that the cease-fire maintained between the Indian security forces and some non-Naga insurgent groups of the state was not acceptable as it lacks the consent of the state government.

The chief minister made this comment while responding to a private members resolution moved by opposition member O Joy Singh at the state assembly session today. O Joy`s resolution called for a unilateral cease-fire with insurgent groups operating in the state with concrete ground rules.

The private members resolution however was withdrawn by the mover himself after the chief minister O Ibobi gives a clear assurance that state government will frame modalities and concrete ground rules for holding dialogue with insurgents groups operating in the state.

He also observed that declaring a unilateral cease-fire needs more discussion and analysis as any hasty decision on the issue could jeopardize everything and there could be no hope for holding peaceful dialogue anymore.

Earlier, drawing the attention of the house, O Joy, in his private member`s resolution, stressed the need for state government to at least offer a unileteral cease-fire to insurgents considering the prolonged state of turmoil and serious law and order problem in the state since later part of 1970s.

The people of Manipur are fed up with the prevailing law & order situation marked with killings, kidnappings, abductions apart from random violation of human human rights, the Opposition member observed and called for bringing a lasting solution to the insurgency problem. He also observed that suspension of operation by security forces could bring a ray of hope in bringing normalcy in state.

Responding to O Joy`s resolution, the chief minister maintained that SPF government is seriously considering formulation of concrete ground rules acceptable to all the underground operating in the state but it need time and thorough discussion as insurgency issue was a very complicated one.

It is tough task to formulate such a ground rules and any hasty decision could jeopardize everything, the chief minister observed. He however offer suggestions and comments from individuals or groups on formulating a policy to bring lasting solution to the vexed problem.

Ibobi also maintained that the door is still wide open for insurgent groups for holding peaceful dialogue with state government under certain conditions.