//Inmate attacks Orissa jail superintendent

Inmate attacks Orissa jail superintendent

Saturday, February 25, 2006 (Bhubaneswar):

In Orissa, a notorious gangster in the Bhubaneswar jail attacked the jail superintendent.

After the incident, which took place three days ago, the gangster Hyder was separated from his cronies.

Hyder then reportedly ordered all inmates to go on an indefinite hunger strike, forcing jail authorities to order his return to the fully-furnished cell he shares with six of his cronies.

Hyder also alleged that the jail superintendent refused to return Rs 2 lakh he had borrowed. But the official says it’s a big lie.

"Recently he had misbehaved with me for which a case was slapped against him. That’s why he has brought such imaginary charges against me.

"They want special privileges and turn revengeful when it’s denied to them," said BK Ojha, Superintendent, Special Jail, Bhubaneswar.

Probe ordered

A probe has been ordered after reports of special allowances for Hyder and his gang members and allegations of them running an extortion racket from within the jail.

"A lawyer has levelled these charges. Our DIG will inquire into the matter and serious action will be taken if the allegations are proved.

"But if it’s found to be false, people making such allegations will be punished," said Anup Patnaik, IG-Prisons, Orissa.

Many are sceptical however. They say the probe will not reveal the dark underbelly of the jail and will only worsen the situation.