//London mayor suspended over Nazi jibe

London mayor suspended over Nazi jibe

London’s mayor says he may appeal a decision to suspend him for a month over comments he made comparing a Jewish reporter to a Nazi guard.

On leaving a party a year ago, Ken Livingstone was accosted by a reporter from a newspaper loathed by the mayor. He replied to Oliver Feingold’s questions by asking if he was a German war criminal. Feingold said he was Jewish but the mayor continued, adding that he was like a concentration camp guard doing his job because he was paid to.

Afterwards, Livingstone refused to apologise.

Livingstone"You may think my remarks to that reporter and to many others over the years were offensive. That was purely a matter of judgement. If you think they are racist, I think you are wrong. It would be very easy for me to buy off media pressure by lying and I’m not going to do it," he said.

To date, Livingstone has still not said he is sorry.

The case against the often out-spoken left-wing mayor was brought against him by a Jewish group.

A three-person panel which hears complaints against local authorities ruled he had brought his office into disrepute.

Livingstone will be out of action as of March 1.