//"Christians are not persecuted by Muslims" Italian Muslim leader

"Christians are not persecuted by Muslims" Italian Muslim leader

(AGI) – Rome, Feb. 24 – The president of the UCOII (the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy) Mohamed Nour Dachan denies that Christians are persecuted by Muslims in Islamic countries. According to Nour Dachan, the treatment they receive is much better than the one received by Muslims in Christian countries, which was recognised also by the President of the Republic, the Interior Minister and the Holy See.

Dachan recalled that "Christians have been recognised rights of citizenship for 1400 years now".

7 million Christians live in Egypt, in Turkey there is the Western Orthodox Church, in Syria the Eastern Orthodox Church and both Christians and Jews can be found in African countries. "The Bishop of Nigeria said that religion has nothing to do with what is happening in his country nor with the priest who was murdered in Turkey" Dachan said. "There is no clear evidence.

We have never blamed on the Holy See the abuses suffered by some 50,000 Muslim women in western countries".

Dachan is confident that wise people like Pisanu, Ciampi and the Pope will prevent the war between religions that so many warmongers disguised as pacifists would like to wage, increasing their criticism of Islam and the prophet Mohammed: the infamous cartoons as the deceptive statements made by self-styled experts on the media are clear examples of that ".

The Islamic communities in Europe "have demonstrated that they can be an example of democracy and civilization and I’m confident that wise people will prevail over rioters and false experts who should shut up because they don’t know anything" Dachan concluded.

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