Derineh Cooper, Saturday, February 25, 2006  03:50 IST
Sessions Judge S B Gaikwad on Friday convicted six accused for the murder of Adi Cursetjee on May 20, 2003 at Kakkad Estate, Worli. Adi’s adopted daughter, Geeta Soni, her husband Irshat Mulla, her mother Sharda, Ajay  and Rakesh Valmiki, hired killers, were sentenced to life.
After the sentence, both Geeta and Irshat, wanted to speak to the judge, but were refused permission. They attempted suicide in the court recess. Geeta succeeded in her attempt. Hegde, who certified Adi dead, was sentenced to 3 years for using forged documents and concealing evidence. Hegde was granted bail by the judge. “I am accused of forging my own signature,” he said, “For years I have treated Adi for his ischaemia, diabetes and hyper-tension.”
Parsi priest Behram Dordi and Pal who wrote the death certificate were acquitted for lack of evidence. Pappu Valmiki, another alleged hired killer, is absconding.