An intellience DIG, dying to impress Jaya, pulled all strings to bring Vaiko to Amma’s fold. The plan failed when Vaiko said he would not ditch Karunanidhi. Our fly on the wall, Jayaraj Sivan, tracked every move of the spy and his sidekicks

Chennai The ruling AIADMK’s isolation in the run-up to the forthcoming Assembly elections in the state has come as a rude shock not only to Jayalalithaa and her partymen but also to some intelligence officials in the state police who were out to impress Amma with their efforts to rope in Vaiko’s MDMK into the ruling front.

Intelligence DIG Sivanandi and his men, who tried hard to woo the MDMK second-rung leaders, were shattered when Vaiko announced the MDMK’s resolve to remain in the Democratic Progressive Alliance (DPA) after his meeting with Karunanidhi a few days ago.

In a moment, Sivanandi’s dream plan of getting into the good books of Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa by presenting himself as the chief architect of the AIADMK-MDMK alliance was dashed. A controversial officer, Sivanandi had made tall promises to the ruling party when he was made Special Branch SP (later he got promoted as DIG). When he failed to create a wedge within the DMK and split it, he concentrated on pulling the MDMK out of the DPA.

It was like manna from heaven that Sivanandi got an intelligence report from his Inspector in Tirunelveli(also Vaiko’s native district) about 45 days ago that the MDMK was ready to explore the possibility of leaving the DPA if it is not given a respectable number of seats by the DMK.

Soon, Sivanandi got in touch with a mediator in Tirunelveli who was close to Vaiko. Arranging train tickets and accommodation for him, Sivanandi brought him to Chennai. As a test case, Sivanandi asked the mediator to make Vaiko issue a statement demanding more flood relief funds for the state. When that came through, the official took it for granted that his efforts would pay dividends.

But everything went for a toss when Sivanandi insisted on meeting Vaiko’s confidante Shanmughachidambaram through whom the mediator was operating. Being highly suspicious of Sivanandi as he was close to DMK circles before he shifted his loyalty to Amma, the MDMK leaders said a firm “NO” and wanted another official of the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police (who was close to Vaiko and also known to Jayalalithaa) to be assigned for the job. Not willing to share the credit with anybody else, Sivanandi dragged his feet.

Meanwhile, AIADMK presidium chairman K Kalimuthu gave an open call to Vaiko to join the AIADMK front. Weighing both the options, Vaiko finally decided to stay back in the DPA. As there is no place for non-performers in Jayalalithaa’s scheme of things, Sivanandi could get dumped anytime now.