//Man held in chains by kidnappers for 8 years

Man held in chains by kidnappers for 8 years

Man held in chains by kidnappers for 8 yearsSunday, February 26, 2006 (Gaya):
A resident of Bihar’s Gaya district has returned home after eight years, saying he was held captive all this while by a gang involved in the trading of human organs.
Birju Shah had left the Mangroor village to go to Haryana in search of employment. His family was blissfully unaware of his plight while he was away, thinking he was working as a labourer in Panipat.
He says he tried to fight off his captors and escape on many occasions, but gave up once they decided to keep him chained in a small dingy room.
Ironically, Birju claims it was one of his own relatives who was responsible for his plight."They kept me chained inside a room," says Birju, who can no longer walk on his own. "I managed to break the chain and escape with the help of a neighbour," he added.
Shocking incident Even as Birju’s story has sent shock waves in the area, his family says they are thankful for his return."He is in a bad state, but we are all very happy to have him back," said Girish Shah, Birju’s father. The police have now registered a case and are investigating the allegations
"It is an inter-state case, but we will soon initiate legal proceedings," said Janardhan Prasad, Station In-charge, Konch police station. Birju’s return after eight years of trauma has meant immense relief for his family, but his story raises concerns about the thousands of people in several parts of the country who have to leave home and head to unknown locations in search of employment.