//Minister distances from threat to woman

Minister distances from threat to woman

February 25, 2006

Zaitun Sheikh

Zaitun Sheikh, a resident of Laxmi Sadan chawl in Kurla, alleged that a man named Hyder, posing as a brother of Animal Husbandry minister Anees Ahmed threatened to kill her as she had complained against her neighbours.

When contacted, the  minister said he did not have a brother and had nothing to do with the issue. However, a few minutes later he called back saying that the woman was a prostitute and therefore her words should not be taken seriously.Sheikh complained to the police against her neighbour after a fight. “I had a problem with some men who used to visit my neighbour. They stood outside my residence and I was uncomfortable as I am a single woman living with my two kids,” she said.Following a quarrel with her neighbour over the issue, Sheikh complained to the police, who in turn warned the neighbours.
Car with lal batti Zaitun says that two days after the complaint, five people barged into her house and threatened to kill her if she picked any more fights with the neighbour.“Two of them were holding sten guns, while one of them claimed to be minister Anees Ahmed’s brother Hyder,” she said, adding, “When the men left, I followed them and I saw them leave in a car with a red beacon on it

Police Inspector Azad Modi dissuaded me from registering a complaint, saying that the men had only threatened me, so it was not serious,” she said. Sheikh has even complained to the Chief Minister’s Office, but she claims no action has been taken.
‘We are good friends’ Meanwhile, the alleged brother turned out to be Hyder Ali Dossani, convener of the Congress minority cell in Maharashtra. Hyder admitted to going to the complainant’s house, but claimed that he went only to placate her. He also said that he was a friend of Ahmed’s.“We are good friends, we both hail from Nagpur, and we know each other well.” However, Ahmed said, “I don’t know anyone called Hyder.”