//Astrologers blame bird flu on Shani, Rahu

Astrologers blame bird flu on Shani, Rahu

NEW DELHI: Bird flu may have got everything to do with a virus, but astrologers have a different take on it – some blame Shani and Rahu for it, while others point a finger at the Pluto-Capricon combination which they say has to do with masks.
Indian astrologers accept that bird flu has all to do with a virus but say it is Shani (Saturn) and Rahu that caused the scare in India.
"The situation is not all that bad in India, but because of Shani in Kark, infectious diseases come. And as Rahu is in Pisces, it gives rise to mysterious diseases. In such circumstances, even the authorities over-react or don’t react at all," says astrologer Ajay Bhambi.
"In this case the authorities over-reacted and a panic situation was created," he says, but adds, "things will soon come under control and there is nothing to worry about.”
Agrees Madhu Jha Pathak, a tarot card reader "the effect on the poultry business will be short. It will again flourish… but tourism is bound to suffer."
Pathak says her cards show that bird flu came to India because "many birds were stocked in one place."
However, she says, the flu will not spread its wings much though people might turn away from eating chicken for long.
One thing astrologers agree on is that bird flu is a health issue, "very much scientific" as astrologer Chandrasekhar says.
"Scientists and astrologers agree on global warming and weather change. Such a situation shows that nature is unkind and when that happens, there are many changes… bird flu can also be looked at that way" says Bhambi.
However, according to an astrology website, "medieval Islamic astrologer al-Biruni ascribed rulership of grain-eating birds to Jupiter. Well, here we are in the last two or three years of Pluto in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. When Pluto enters Capricorn in 2008, we will see a highly contagious global disease, a pandemic.
"Capricorn has to do with masks, the face we put on when we meet the world. When Pluto enters Capricorn, people will wear masks – surgical masks to protect themselves from airborne pathogens. This is beginning to happen, but the trend will accelerate in response to a bird flu mutation or another, as yet unanticipated disease in a couple of years," says the website.

Another website on Chinese astrology says "the year of the dog may bite… viruses, like bird flu, will spread to Western Europe and the United States East Coast. Asian cities like Hong Kong should also be prepared for more frequent "stomach diseases".
Some astro-websites are making charts of people who ought to be careful about traveling to countries where the bird flu is spreading.


Sunday, February 26, 2006, WASHINGTON

It has been a busy, ceremonial month for Hillary Clinton and her fixed grin. At last month’s State of the Union here. Attending the funeral of Coretta Scott King this month in Atlanta. Flying 8,000 miles last week for a wedding in Udaipur, India.

However, have no fear. At the funeral, Hillary demonstrated her skills in double-speak. Referring to the challenges in Mrs. King’s life, the former first lady and current junior U.S. senator of New York asked, rhetorically, "Will we say when the call comes: ‘Send me’?"

The celebration that took Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton to New Delhi was dubbed the "Big Fat Indian Wedding." It was between Sikh movie star and playboy Vikram Chatwal, son of a Manhattan millionaire and very generous Hillary supporter, and Hindu movie star Priya Sachdev from Bollywood, the center of India’s film industry.

During the marriage blessings, Hillary kept quiet. When the vows were exchanged, she certainly did not say, "Send me!"

At the obsequies for Mrs. King, Sen. Clinton was in the company of President Bush, three of his predecessors and scores of notables. There was no follow-up to "Send me" from Mrs. Clinton. But we can be sure that the response has been planned by our new "Bollyqueen."

New York’s Bollyqueen can, but won’t, say, "If you send me, I have a wonderful, experienced campaign organization. In 2005, I raised $33 million in donations and have $17 million in the bank; I am central to issues such as abortion and gun control. I travel the world — Morocco, Iraq and India — to meet leaders and my jet-set friends. I have refused donations from Wal-Mart; and I trust my husband — at least while I can see him."

So, "Send me!"

To which Hillary might add that she knows many of the secrets of the White House — exactly how to micromanage the unexpected scandals and ignore the voters, the "little people," in favor of the headline-making celebrities.

And at the wedding, which took a year to plan, our Hillary must have been happy: "Little people" were kept well away from the City Palace, the Devigarh Palace and the Maurya Sheraton.

The powerful and unpleasant were out in force with the Clinton family: Reza Pahlavi, son of the late Shah of Iran; P Diddy, Harlem’s contribution to the world’s culture; Lakshmi Mittal, India’s and the world’s biggest steelmaker; together with arms dealers, the movie stars, industrialists, bankers, models, and India’s prime minister and most of his Cabinet.

But Hillary never did understand the realities of power. The woman is in a time warp of an earlier decade, fussing about programs that have lost their cutting edge. She has offered no innovative ideas that might make life safer and more secure for her constituency.

All of which adds up. Hillary Clinton lacks political charisma and fails to understand how her husband Bill effectively established her as a political force. And without effort. Bill Clinton has developed a circle of friends, including former President George H.W. Bush and Jim Baker with their Republican friends, his daughter Chelsea’s chums and his security detail, charming each one.

This leaves Hillary embittered and us wondering why she can’t change her temperament. She’s like the wife of a Roman emperor wearing a power suit while droning on about children, villages and motherhood.

Hillary Clinton shares many of the hallmarks of the Empress Messalina, wife of the despotic Caligula, who once ruled the Roman Empire.

Hillary came up during the fighting days of feminism, fueled in more recent years by anger at Bill’s successes with the ladies. She can’t leave Bill; he is her door-opener, able to secure for her the Democrats’ presidential nomination and perhaps even return her to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

No more off-the-cuff remarks mocking women who stay at home "baking cookies"; no more "vast, right-wing conspiracies" or likening of the House of Representatives to a plantation.

However, Hillary has not yet been returned to the U.S. Senate or given the role of Democrat standard-bearer. Her inventions of invincibility are beginning to disentangle and her strongest supporters — the anti-war left wing of the Democratic Party and the radical labor unions — are thoroughly alienated.

Hillary’s political hope is that she can get out of Bill’s shadow long enough to pretend that she has his charisma and charm without his w
eaknesses. If she can achieve this, not only the Democratic Party but many other misguided and misinformed people may forget her years of disasters, and mislay their loathing for her socialist politics and the suspicions that the name Clinton creates.

Dateline D.C. is written by a Washington-based British journalist and political observer.