//Two Revolvers Seized – Three Men from Bihar Arrested

Two Revolvers Seized – Three Men from Bihar Arrested

Udupi, Feb 27:  The District Crime Investigating Bureau led by inspector B P Dinesh busted an arms supply racket and arrested 3 persons for possessing weapons.

One Rajesh Kumar of Patna had supplied these revolvers to Shiv Shankar (21) and Ranjan Kumar (24), students at Manipal.  However, neither of them had obtained any documents to possess arms.  The investigation revealed that these students used to sell these weapons to other antisocial elements.

They were arrested while on the look-out for buyers at Manipal.  The police sources also said that students might have taken up this as side profession to earn some money.  Since weapons are easily available in Bihar, it has been very handy for the accused to get arms from there and sell them in and around the city.

Though this is for the first time that the culprits have been nabbed, the police suspect a massive and well-run operation of a network behind this trade.  The total value of 2 revolvers and 12 rounds of bullets, which have been seized, is said to be Rs 80,000 in unofficial market.

The police are investigating the case to elicit more details about the illegal supply of arms.