//WSF India 2006

WSF India 2006

Gandhi  Peace Foundation, Deen Dayal Upadhaya Marg on 4th March at 2.30 PM Ph;  23237491 WSF India : Indian Social Forum in Delhi, in November  2006  

Meeting of Delhi Organisations:
4th March, GPF- Delhi  
2.30 PM  
Dear All,  
People’s movements across the world are working to identify and  demonstrate that the path to sustainable development   and social and economic  justice does not lie in neo-liberal globalisation but  in alternative  models for people-centred and self-reliant progress.  
As the economic space of nation states is invaded by predatory  multi-national corporations, it is accompanied not  only by mounting disparities and loss of livelihoods, but by growing sectarian and  ethnic strife.  The rapid flow of capital in and out of countries is leaving in its wake  fractured communities. It is redefining nations in  
narrow and exclusionary terms, distorting the validity and worth  of sovereignty and  self-reliance, and sharpening racial, ethnic,  religious and caste divides.  
The neo-liberal assault is not restricted to the agricultural,  industrial and financial sectors of the third world  countries, but is also damaging the traditional artisan sector – the mainstay  of so many people in  these countries. Indigenous people and tribal  communities and others  outside the development process are losing all control  
over their natural  resources and their own small economies and are being  completely  pauperised.  
There is need for an alternative vision of hope,  different to this  barren neo-liberal landscape of greed and profit built on the destruction of people, communities and nations. These are the  concerns that the  World Social Forum process seeks to foreground.  
The World Social Forum developed as a response of the  growing  international movement questioning the neo-liberal economic policies being pursued in most countries and capitalist-led  globalisation.

Since 2001 —  through the organisation of the hugely successful WSF  events in Porto Alegre, Brazil and Mumbai, India and numerous regional  and continental  events — the World Social Forum process has explored  and proposed such  alternatives, and questioned the rules of governance  being by countries  of the global North and their pliant followers in the  global South. The  people’s argument is that Another World IS Possible.  
The World Social Forum process has struck roots in  India since the  organisation of the Asian Social Forum in Hyderabad in  January, 2003 and  the World Social Forum in Mumbai in January, 2004. It is now proposed that WSF India shall organise the Indian Social Forum in Delhi, in  November 2006. The Forum shall be designed to  facilitate participation of  movements and organisations from across the country,  who believe in an alternate vision to the present corporate led  globalisation. The Forum,  while focusing on Indian movements and their struggles  and experiences,  shall also be a platform where movements from across the World will find  a space to share, interact and forge linkages with  Indian movements and  groups.  
The organisation of the Social Forum in Delhi is both  a challenge and  an opportunity for mass  organisations, people’s  movements, citizens’  bodies and groups in Delhi. In addition to the massive  organisational effort required, only an inclusive process can ensure  that the Social  Forum in Delhi will be able to mount a challenge  against imperialist  globalisation in the country and globally.  
To start the process of jointly conceiving the  structure and format of  the Forum, a meeting is being organised at the Gandhi  Peace Foundation, Deen Dayal Upadhaya Marg on 4th March at 2.30 PM Ph;  23237491. We  apologise for the short notice, but do hope that you will be able to come.

We also request you to kindly circulate this mail  widely.  
In Solidarity,  
Amit Chakraborty  
for WSF India  
14/187 LGF Malviya Nagar  
New Delhi  
Ph: 2674123  
Mobile No: – 9818159302