//700 secret service agents descend on Capital

700 secret service agents descend on Capital

Mayank Aggarwal in New Delhi

Feb. 27. — The Capital’s five star hotels are witnessing a boom, courtesy the US Presidential entourage. Three of the elite hotels in the Capital, Le Meridien, The Imperial and The Oberoi Hotel, are playing host to the additional security staff of the President, who arrived here around two weeks ago.
Taking no chances, these 700 US secret service agents are planning the routes and making reconnaissance trips to the venues the US President is scheduled to visit. Extra vehicles, most of them reinforced and bulletproof, have also been stationed at the venues in case of any emergency.
The US secret service officials are housed in different hotels.

They can keep an eye on sensitive areas including the area near Rashtrapati Bhavan, Connaught Place, Chanakyapuri, the vicinity of India Gate, Rajghat and other venues the President is expected to visit.
They will be able to crack down on all suspicious movements.

They will know the area and can take extra precautions for the security of the President, a senior security adviser to the US government said.

The US security agencies are working on a well-formulated plan. They are also coordinating with the Indian security agencies so that they don’t miss out on any details.
Indian security agencies are also keeping an eye on the area and all other places where the President is expected.

A number of these secret service agents are posing as foreign tourists, the senior security adviser stated.