//JNU students keep 'night vigil' protesting Bush visit

JNU students keep 'night vigil' protesting Bush visit

New Delhi, Mar 1 (PTI) Hundreds of students of the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University were joined by activists, including internationally acclaimed writer Arundhati Roy, at the varsity campus here last night as they kept a ‘night vigil’ protesting the visit of US President George W Bush.

Students along with eminent people from across the ideological spectrum flocked to the open air auditorium in the campus and shouted slogans and sang songs like the famed Beatles’ number "Imagine, blowing in the wind" and folk songs from Haryana.

Arundhuti Roy, who read out a play lampooning Bush’s scheduled March 3 speech from the Purana Quila said, "India and Israel were the only two countries where the US President is welcome."

"This is the finding of a survey and it is such a shame for Indians to hear. Our relationship with the US began the day we exploded a bomb in Pokhran," she said.

The Booker prize winning author said "we live in an era of complete farce," and added "It was ironic that the only public space where Bush could speak from was a medieval fort."