//Mangalore: Dental College Student Arrested for Sending Obscene SMS to Lady Lecturer

Mangalore: Dental College Student Arrested for Sending Obscene SMS to Lady Lecturer

Mangalore, Mar 1: The IT revolution has been a blessing for the present generation.  The new inventions in the field of science and technology have become a boon to the entire world.

One such invention that has revolutionalized the concept of communication is the cell phone system.  Just a decade ago one could not think of communicating with the other over the phone while being on journey or away from home or office.  But today, far from being a luxury, cellphones are soon becoming the necessity of day-to-day life.

But on the other hand there are lot disadvantages of cellphones too.  There has been a widespread complaint that cellphones have become a ‘fashion’ for the younger generation.  Having a cellphone in ‘hand’ is a thing of pride and status than an essential means of communication.  .

This trend has surely given rise to some crimes, which are exclusive only for the present day generation.  The advanced cellphones give access even to Internet and other facilities.  This has led the younger generation to explore the wider range of pornography and other related issues.  While SMS is indeed a boon for immediate and short communication – only for those who use it for genuine reasons – it is also an effective means to gratify one’s baser tastes by sending smutty messages to friends, pals and others.

Another system, which has crossed the confines of necessity and surged beyond the limits of modesty, is MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).  Already many actresses have a made ‘guest appearance’ on the mobile phones of lacs of people.

Such is the negative impact of mobile phones on the younger generation that some of them have even forgotten the importance of ‘relationships’ in one’s life.  One best example of this is the incident that took place in one of the prime dental colleges in the city.  Some students of a prestigious dental college at Derlakatte near Konaje here have been found guilty of sending vulgar SMS to one of their lady professors.  The police have already arrested one student in this regard.

This is indeed a shocking incident.  The arrested Arjun Parameshwar along with his friends Sujit, Shakeer, Ajit, Jasim and Cherian Thomas used to forward some vulgar SMS to one of their lecturers who is a resident of the city.  The SMS were sent through different mobile phones.  When the said lecturer took an exception of this, the accused threatened her over the phone.

Having no other option, the lecturer filed a complaint with the Bunder police station in this regard.  In a brisk operation, the Bunder police inspector Vinay Gaonkar arrested Arjun.

This incident should make one to bend his/her head in shame.  Gone are the days when teachers were considered as the second parents.  The present-day teachers cannot even dream of getting the reverence and respect, which the teachers of the olden days used to command . No more the students give respect to their teachers.

The present incident is also a good example about the disadvantages of the mobile phones.  People who buy mobile phones to flaunt surely do not know to use them properly.  That is why it is a welcome step taken by some colleges to ban mobile phones from the college campuses.  Yet no one can ban students using them outside the campus.  So if the situation continues in the same line, days are not far when the society as a whole will regret the invention of cellphones.